Premium 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet
Premium 3 in 1 Travel Bassinet
Manufacturer : ReallyGo
Amazon Price : $57.50
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3 in 1 diaper bag and travel bassinet
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  • Brand: ReallyGo
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    5Great product for traveling, camping and when visiting friends
    By Lori
    This is a really cool product. Some of these baby things seem too good to be true but this one really is what it promises. We have a 2 month old baby and my hands are constantly full with her and all of her stuff. It's great to have a clean safe place to lay her down anywhere I go and I don't need any extra hands to carry it. It's even easier to fold into a diaper bag than I could have imagined; It literally folds in a seconds. And it's so easy to clean. This would be great for traveling, especially camping. I wish I had this when my older child was a baby as we had to haul a giant pack and play around with us when we could have just brought this smart nursery bag!
    it's perfect for when visiting friends and family members who don't have baby gear. My little one can and will take a nap anywhere at any time and this baby napper gives her a secure place to do it.

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    2Disappointed--Would Not Recommend
    By ZombiDeathPunch
    I really wanted to like this product, but I ended up being very disappointed. First of all, it seems to be very poorly made--so poorly, that I wonder whether the overwhelmingly positive reviews might be fake. The zippers are flimsy and only closed the bag after I tried several times. The so-called third function--the diaper changing station--does not really hold up with one of the four sides open but collapses onto the middle part, where the baby lies. This seems not only uncomfortable but also unsafe. Another big disadvantage is that the soft, white material covering the middle part is not detachable and washable. This is a poor and unhygienic design for a changing station that is supposed to last several years. I also agree with a previous reviewer that it is odd that the side parts are not of breathable material, and I doubt that this would be a safe place to put a baby to sleep. Last but not least the company does not seem very trustworthy. Their website offers no further information on the product other than showing a video of stylish parenting. No word about where the product was made. The bag itself does not come with any information other than a strangely self-made looking paper flyer (see picture) that only contains information on how to assemble the "bassinet." Again, there is no word on the diaper changing station, on care instructions, or on the "HIGH QUALITY NON-TOXIC MATERIALS" announced on the webpage. I am definitely sending this back.

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    5Great multi-functional product!
    By BorrowedBlessings
    I am so impressed with this travel bassinet! We don't have a huge nursery and I'm a frugal shopper, so I'm all about high quality items that serve more than one purpose. This is a perfect example of a multi-purpose item! I'm pregnant now (about halfway through the pregnancy) and have started stocking up on baby/nursery goodies. This travel bassinet can be used as a diaper bag (lots of outside pockets), travel bassinet or diaper changing station. The bassinet/diaper changing station is much larger than I expected, which is great! I just didn't read the measurements. This will work for AT LEAST several months.

    -Multi-function item (bassinet, diaper bag, diaper changing station)
    -High quality
    -Easy to use (my mom figured it out without reading the directions)
    -Hooks to attach to stroller


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