Travel Umbrella,Uopasd Compact Windproof Folding Umbrella with 10 Ribs Auto Open Close (Blue)
Travel Umbrella,Uopasd Compact Windproof Folding Umbrella with 10 Ribs Auto Open Close (Blue)
Manufacturer : UOPASD
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Avg. Customer Rating:4.5 of 5.0
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Product Description
Quality and design that aims to impress. The Uopasd Umbrella has been engineered to bring you a top of the line product that is as well constructed as it is beautiful. premium 210T Pongee Fabric, and 10 Resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs, the Uopasd umbrella is made for the practical, stylish individual with an eye for quality and design.

The Uopasd Umbrella's superior fiberglass frame is constructed to be more lightweight, strong, and flexible than other umbrellas on the market. This, paired with an equally strong fiberglass shaft ensure that your umbrella will stand the test of time, looking and working just as well today as it will many years in the future.

Instructions to close the umbrella.
1. Press the button to close the umbrella fabric/cloth.
2. Then hold the handle of the umbrella by one hand, and hold the top end by another hand.
3. Compact the umbrella with a little stronger force.
Product Details
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: UOPASD
  • Product Features
  • WINDPROOF UNBREAKABLE WITH 10 RIBS FRAME: Most umbrella are made of 6 or 8 alaminum ribs,but Uopasd is fortied with 10 resin-reinforced fiberglass ribs that flex slightly to withstand powerful gusts without turning inside out .
  • SUPERIOR WATER-REPELLENCY: Uopasd umbrella is made of polyester pongee that it's high density waterproof umbrella cloth.
  • AUTO OPEN CLOSE FUNCTIONALITY: Designed for convenience operating with one key and one handed
  • COMFORTABLE AND NON-SLIP HANDLE: In accordance with ergonomic designe,it's much more comfortable than other umbrellas
  • QUALITY ASSURANCE; If you are not completely satisfied with this umbrella,just return it and we'll refund in full (or replace it ,if there is any problem).
  • Customer Reviews

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    5Fantastic Umbrella with Great Handle, and Powerful Auto Open/Close
    [[VIDEOID:3da52a071df31513223bd0f16a686ada]] This is a really nice travel umbrella. It has all of my favorite features in an umbrella all in one so I am really pleased with it. It has a nicely shaped, curved handle that features finger grooves as well. The handle has smooth feel and is definitely comfortable to hold, even for small hands. The hanging cord has a bungie stretchiness, rather than just being rope. This gives you the ability to not only hang it from here but also to tightly tie onto something.

    This features one button automatic opening and closing and it opens so smoothly. The canopy is wide and large and offers great coverage. This is nicely designed to hold its shape so that wind gusts cannot turn it inside out. The metal skeleton of this umbrella is nicely covered with plastic pieces so no sharp metal is exposed. It is all reinforced.

    Because it has a very strong spring to open this, you do need to use some force to collapse it down and lock into place. This is a strong umbrella that is heavy duty, but the material is also thin and light and dries very quickly. The water also rolls off of this very nicely. This is just a very nicely designed umbrella that is user friendly and easy for young kids to operate with the automatic button. It may be a little hard for young ones to collapse the pole into place because of that strong force, but to open and close is super easy and there are no sharp pointy pieces. My children walk to school, rain or shine, and having nice umbrellas is very important for me. This one is great.

    It is portable and durable, fast drying and has an awesome auto-open/close button. I love the umbrella and it works great. The sleeve that it comes with is a really tight fit and I am honestly too lazy to fold the umbrella down nicely and squeeze it in there so I rarely use that. Everything else is fantastic and a great buy and this is an easy 5-star product for me. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review.

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    5Good things DO come in small sizes
    By Xbansheex83
    This is a nice solid umbrella in a compact travel size. I own several smaller umbrellas, but this one is a new favorite. I like to have an umbrella available in each car, as well as a couple in the house. My husband and I actually left one of our umbrellas behind in a hotel bathtub when we left it there to dry recently, so I ended up going with this one based on decent reviews.

    This umbrella is extremely lightweight, and fits nicely just about anywhere you would want to keep it, whether that be a glove box, standard luggage, or even a carry-on. We got our first snow of the year on Saturday, so I carried it with me while I was taking out the garbage. It handled the windy, snowy weather great, and seemed to dry off faster than some of my other umbrellas. One of my favorite things about this umbrella is actually the handle. It has a bit of a contour to it, making it much more comfortable to hold. The open/close function is very simple. After you undo the velcro strap, one press of the button opens it up fully. To close it, you can just hit the button to close up your umbrella. Afterward you have to push down from the top of the umbrella until it clicks to minimize it to it's smaller size to put it away. It's a pretty standard size when it's opened up as far as I'm concerned. I think it would be difficult to fully fit 2 adults under one of these. I think 2 children would work, or an adult + 1 child. It may be a solid, plain color without some of the fun designs that you see on other umbrellas, but this one wins out on being sturdy, compact, and functional.

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    44 stars for sure. 5 stars if it was easier to close.
    By dangeruss_1
    [[VIDEOID:542f49cbf62dd7cb246e492efd6489e9]] Being from Seattle, one can never have too many umbrellas. I constantly lose mine or they get broken or they just never get returned from a friend. Surprisingly, it hasnt rained here for a while now so i have not had the pleasure to test this little baby out in the field, however, this review is based upon initial looks, quality, and ease of use. It is a compact umbrella but wen fully blown out, it provides enough cover such as what a full size umbrella provides. It looks very sleek and i do love the handle. It also has a nice expandable cord to wrap around your wrist when carrying it. It has a push button release that immediately springs it into action and when pressed again, collapses it. Be advised that it must use some crazy strong spring force because it makes quite a loud "POP!" when the button is pressed - it actually startled my wife the first time she used it. After you press the button to collapse it, it does require quite a bit of force to bring it all the way down and secure it. My wife is not used to this so she had quite a bit of trouble trying to bring it all the way down and the first time she used it, it slipped away from her other hand sprung back up hurting her lower abdomen (not good). I didnt have to much trouble and worst case, i just set it towards the ground and apply my weight to close it and secure it. For this reason, my wife told me this will be my personal one and she'll take another one thats easier to close, however, i personally attribute this to durability and hope that it lasts but we'll see. 4 stars for sure. 5 stars if it was easier to close.
    If you enjoyed my review, please send me a 'Helpful' click my way. I understand that many people, including myself, are irritated when positive product reviews are mainly drive by "paid-for" reviewers, and although i did receive this at a fractional discount (which means i still paid something and this wasnt free), i am openly honest and unbiased about my product reviews.

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