Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag-170 cm (Lumberjack)
Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag-170 cm (Lumberjack)
Manufacturer : Athalon
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Product Description
Athalon Fitted Snowboard Bag-170cm.
Product Details
  • Size: One Size, 170 cm
  • Color: Lumberjack
  • Brand: Athalon
  • Model: 356LJ
  • Released on: 2012-08-15
  • Fabric type: Fabric/Polyester/600 denier polyester with PVC lining
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 12.00" h x 67.00" w x 6.50" l, 3.15 pounds
  • Product Features
  • Holds one snowboard up to 170cm with bindings
  • Constructed of heavey gauge water repellent polyester
  • Super strong plated metal hardware
  • Erognomic heavy duty rubber carry grip handle
  • Heavy duty self repairing nylon coil zippers with signature locking zipper pulls
  • Customer Reviews

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    3It a snowboard bag, not a padded airplane checked bag - I wouldn't use for flying
    By Orlando
    Firstly, I rated this bag 3 stars because it really isn't that bad for ~$30. The issues I've had with the bag are my fault - I'm guessing. I'll outline what I did and what ended up happening to the bag when I flew with it. Mind you I bought this bag, packed my stuff and put it on the plane. I've had it less than a week.

    My equipment:
    164cm wide board with bindings attached
    Size 13 boots
    Helmet, Goggles and random gear.

    I bought this bag for a trip to Colorado and purchased it knowing it wasn't a fully padded bag. Actually there isn't any padding at all in this bag. It's literally a few centimeters thick of tarp like material. The material feels sturdy, but the seams don't seem to be (although they actually held up).

    Since there wasn't any padding I tossed in a light weight blanket under the board and wrapped my board in two jackets on each end to add some protection. The 170cm bag fit the board, two wrapped jackets on each end and the blanket without any issues at all - there's actually a little room at the tip and tail. This bag is big.

    I was able to then fit my two size 13 boots in between the binding without any issues. My bindings are still attached to the board, fyi. On the other sides of the bindings I was able to fit a compression sack with pants/gear and the the helmet and goggles on the other end. This bag does have a ton of space in it. No joke.

    In total my bag weighed ~30lbs when weighed at the airport.

    So, everything is in my bag and weighs ~30 lbs. The bag makes it to the airport without issues, but when I went to pick it up in Denver those wonderful TSA monkeys opened my bag so very skillfully. The zipper was miss-aligned and opened. You know, like when you used to zip your jacked wrong and the the zipper would come apart. It took some messing around with, but eventually I got the zipper re-aligned and closed. Love you TSA! If only I could come to your home and crap on your loved possessions.

    The zipper is aligned and we're ready to go. Copper Mountain here we come! I reach down to grab the attached handle and it pops off. Er. Wait. Where not going anywhere. Those TSA/baggage throwers must have roided up before work and yanked my bag around like their "you know what" member. The bag has two rivets that hold the handle onto the bag - the one closest to the handle was under stress and popped out causing the other one two give out when I picked up the bag. I now have a handle that is attached at one end. Yay me!

    Luckily Athalon provided a shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is attached to two D rings on each end of the bag. Strap attached, here we go. Lifting the bag by the shoulder strap and getting it into position over my shoulder... the D ring gives out. Bag crashes to the floor. I now have an awesome snowboard bag with no real easy way to carry it.

    Okay. This could have been from the ~30 lbs of equipment, but I really don't think 30lbs is that crazy of a weight to expect to be able to toss in a snowboard bag.

    I was able to remove the D ring from the strap and use the hook part to attach it to where the D ring used to be, but this was causing issues as well. The nylon piece that the strap is now connected to is pulling the stitching away from the bag. If I had to use this solution long term I guarantee that the nylon would rip from the bag.

    In addition, I can see were the seams that run length wise on the bag are starting to be stretched a little to their maximum and the little black threads are exposed. This is probably because I have a set of size 13 squatchy boots in there.

    So, this bag will hold a 164 cm wide board, bindings attached, two size 13 boots, a helmet, goggles, two jackets, two pairs of snow pants, base layer, helmet liner and a blanket, but the bag wont hold up to the weight while checking, flying and being abused by those wunderspunk TSA douches.

    Final Thoughts:
    If you're going to use this as a bag to just hold your board, bindings, boots and some other randoms stuff while you DRIVE to the mountain, then go to town on this thing for ~$30... but if you're placing your board in the hand of some TSA monkey then I'd go another route. The non-sturdy straps and lack of padding make this an angry TSA throwers dream come true.

    I went with the lumber jack pattern expecting something ugly (cause I like ugly), but the damn thing is bad ass. The pattern and look got multiple compliments from people. So that's a positive.

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    2This bag will only be good for one more trip then I will have to ...
    By Adam leffell
    I bought this product for a recent ski trip to Whistler. Once I arrived back in the states, I noticed the bottom has several slits in it where my board has punctured through. This bag will only be good for one more trip then I will have to discard it. The bottom needs more support for boards/skies to prevent cuts from the edges of your board or skies.

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    3a little thin but great for the price
    By JV
    a little thin but great for the price. fits snowboard and a bunch of gear (snow pants, helmet, jacket, boots). it does look like it would rip easily if its abused but I took it on two flights already and it only got a small rip in it that I just patched up with duct tape on both sides. It was a really small rip and I think any bag would do the same if it got caught on something sharp.

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