Arcadia Outdoors Umbrellas With GlideTech Burgundy - Maximum Protection Travel Umbrella 42 Inch Canopy Wind Resistant - Auto Open/Close - Lifetime Guarantee
Arcadia Outdoors Umbrellas With GlideTech Burgundy - Maximum Protection Travel Umbrella 42 Inch Canopy Wind Resistant - Auto Open/Close - Lifetime Guarantee
Manufacturer : Arcadia Outdoors
Amazon Price : $13.95
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Product Description
Lifetime replacement guarantee against defects.
Product Details
  • Size: One Size
  • Color: Burgundy
  • Brand: Arcadia Outdoors
  • Dimensions: 2.36" h x 1.97" w x 11.81" l, .80 pounds
  • Product Features
  • ? MAXIMUM 42 INCH PROTECTION & CONVENIENTLY SIZED - Your Arcadia travel umbrella is compact, lightweight and perfect for travel. The canopy offers you and your belongings COMPLETE 42 inch coverage to defy high winds and protect you from heavy downpour. Once closed and folded the umbrella is only 11 inches in length allowing you to store it anywhere with no problems.
  • ?WITHSTAND SEVERE STORM GUSTS - Forceful 60+ MPH El Nino wind gusts don't stand a chance against our certified wind resistant umbrella. Tested in a full sized wind tunnel, the Arcadia Outdoors premium travel umbrella has proven time and time again that it is able to flex and withstand high winds. In the rare case that it does become inverted, it will always bounce back to its original shape thanks to our flex frame technologies.
  • ? INDUSTRY LEADING MATERIALS - The proprietary GlideTech coating wicks water away effortlessly - water droplets skid right off. Just shake to dry! The Canopy is crafted from a non-absorbent synthetic 210T polyester weave that's water repellent, abrasion resistant, mold and mildew resistant. The included water resistant and ultra soft sleeve allows you to properly store and protect your umbrella.
  • ? AUTOMATIC OPEN & CLOSE - The reliable push button open/close mechanism responds quickly. Push once to automatically extend the umbrella open, press again to instantly fold the canopy closed. This allows for quick and easy one handed operation for quick protection when you need it most.
  • ? LIFETIME GUARANTEE: We are so confident in the quality of our products at Arcadia Outdoors that we offer you a lifetime guarantee. Our factory warranty is only available from the authorized seller Arcadia Outdoors. Reach out to us if there's ever anything you need; we are dedicated to your satisfaction.
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    4Comparing Arcadia and Crown. Arcadia hiding diameter and making too many promotions
    By Michael Green
    Update to my previous 1 star review:
    After buying both an Arcadia and Crown Umbrella without a promotion, I can give an unbiased review. Arcadia Outdoors Umbrellas - Maximum Protection Travel Umbrella 42 Inch Canopy Wind Resistant - Auto Open/Close - Lifetime Guarantee is a superior umbrella. The problem with the Crown Coast Umbrellas - Compact Black Travel Umbrella | Windproof 60+MPH - Frame Won't Break If Flipped Inside Out - Auto Open/Close Full Size Canopy - 6000 Opens Durable - Lifetime Guarantee is that its spring is not strong enough to snap the umbrella out when the open button is pressed. The weaker spring of the Crown does not help in the semi-automatic closing. I also liked the fact that the Arcadia had a longer handle than the Crown: 2.60" vs. 2.25" which makes it easier to hold.

    However, I have a few complaints about the Arcadia. I believe that most people are more concerned about the diameter of the umbrella or (tip to tip distance) which is 37" than the canopy measurement of 42". Even thought this is shown in one of the diagrams, it should also be in the title as 42" canopy 37" diameter as well as in their 35 line text description. I would give Arcadia 5 stars if they make this change in an effort to not mislead potential customers.

    My last complaint is that Arcadia gave away too many free or highly discounted umbrellas for "unbiased reviews". I had a hard time finding the reviews from customers that did not receive this promotion.

    Arcadia makes a fine umbrella and I recommend it but they should make the size of their umbrella obvious and limit their promotions.

    5 of 5 people found the following review helpful.
    1Cheap Umbrella and Fraudulent Warranty Claim
    By Amazon Customer
    This umbrella is extremely sturdy and it feels very satisfying when it pops out. I got the burgundy one and it is a really lovely color. Although it is a little hard to push in to close at first, it's fine once you get used to it.

    I've changed my review from 5-stars to 1-star because I registered this umbrella on the Arcadia Outdoors website the day after I bought it, but when this umbrella broke after just a few uses (it will no longer click to stay open) and I messaged Arcadia Outdoors on their website several times in the last month about getting a refund. They have not replied at all. Their claim that "? 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Backed by a LIFETIME warranty - just register your product on our website! Your satisfaction is our main priority - Arcadia Outdoors will gladly send a full refund or replacement if you have any issue, NO questions asked!" is completely false and should not be on their Amazon description.

    1 of 1 people found the following review helpful.
    2I could not feel bad for something that did not really belong to me
    By W B
    I wanted to wait until I used this umbrella a few times before I left any feedback. Unfortunately, I am not impressed. This umbrella replaced a large Talbots men's golf umbrella that I had claimed (I didn't buy it, and no one else came back for it after it was left at work, so when it sat for a few months, it then changed ownership status to "mine"). That umbrella broke in some high winds after a few years, and though I was heartbroken, I could not feel bad for something that did not really belong to me...and it was an umbrella, let us keep this in prospective.

    This is the first umbrella I can remember purchasing, so I have no idea what to look for (it's an umbrella, how much "research can you really do"?). I wanted something that would last in high winds, because "it" happens. I did not, however, want to spend a lot on and umbrella, because it's an umbrella....where are my priorities?

    Anyway, so I ordered the Arcadia Outdoors Umbrellas with GlideTech because I thought it must be good….it’s got “Maximum Protection” (whatever that is) and “wind resistance”. I figured, why not, especially because it was “cheap” (or at least I guess it was “cheap”, nothing to compare it too but other ephemeral umbrellas that I see pictures of, and a big umbrella that I didn’t actually buy).

    My luck was perfect. As soon I got it, I needed it the very next day!!! “Wooohooo” I thought. This is a small umbrella, compared to the last one. Easy to move around with, and throw in my bag. Not as bulky as my last. I went outside, it popped opened perfectly. It has a lot less surface area than my last umbrella, but you can’t expect 4 person coverage from something that is so small. “No worries” I thought, “chivalry is dead anyway” (not really, but I digress). I went back inside, my pants only slightly wet from the rain. About an hour later, I went outside again….and then the reality of such a cheap umbrella struck me…as I noticed that one of the metal “tines” (no idea what to really call it) had already detached from the fabric covering. Now, instead of a perfectly symmetrical shape, one of the corners is all discombobulated….messing up my che, and depressing my mood (as much as an oddly shaped umbrella can mess up my mood…first world problems and all).

    I was now slightly disappointed. Second use, on the first day, and the darn thing is letting me down…well sort of. It isn’t like anything was ripped (at that moment), it was just that the attachments from the fabric to the metal don’t seem very secure. In fact, they seem cheap. Each of the metal tines is attached to the fabric by only a few thin pieces of thread. I don’t remember other umbrellas having such a shoddy attachment system from fabric to metal. I can totally see the metal tines holding up to high winds, which I guess is the rating for “Wind resistance” (meaning the metal won’t deform, knocking the umbrella out of shape). It seems that the metal mechanism is pretty decent, as far as I know. It doesn’t look like there would be any deformation problems with it….because I can see the entire fabric covering ripping away without damaging any of the metal in the process….and that isn’t good either.

    Fast forward a few weeks….
    I now used the umbrella a few more weeks, and I am even less impressed with the fabric covering. The fabric that detached from the metal tine on day one has begun to separate itself. It seems that this spot was some kind of seem. I have only needed the umbrella 2 or 3 more times since the first day, but I really don’t see it lasting. It wasn’t worth the hassle of return, but I would not buy another like this. I would say that the attachments from fabric to the tines are a definite design flaw. A few strands of thread cannot hope to last.

    Please do as you will with the information I provided above. Hopefully your experiences will be better than mine.

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