Delsey Luggage Dauphine Carry on and 23 " Spin Lug
Delsey Luggage Dauphine Carry on and 23
Manufacturer : DELSEY Paris
Amazon Price : $328.01 - $640.00
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Product Description
Delsey's lightest soft side, dauphine+ is ultra-lightweight with maximum durability. Carry on dimensions: 19 inch x 13.75 inch x 9.75 inch . 3.6lbs, 23 inch dimensions: 23.25 inch x 17 inch x 11.5 inch . 5.3lbs
Product Details
  • Amazon Sales Rank: #1275143 in Apparel & Accessories
  • Brand: DELSEY Paris
  • Model: 402250977
  • Fabric type: Polyester
  • Dimensions: 11.50" h x 17.00" w x 23.30" l,
  • Product Features
  • 2 piece set features carry-on and 23 inch 4 wheels spinner trolleys, made from durable, water resistant, twisted polyester fabric
  • Large front zippered pocket for last minute items, and spacious fully lined interior with tie-down straps and two zippered pockets
  • Comfortable top, side and bottom carry handles for easy lifting as well as four spinner wheels that keep zero weight on your arm when travelling
  • Carry on fits in the overhead of most domestic airlines
  • 23.3x17.0x11.5
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    5Fantastic Luggage Set
    By Bagwell
    [[VIDEOID:295869b68a371a20a95df341ce08f9e9]]This luggage is absolutely fantastic! I never thought buying luggage would be the highlight of my weekend haha! I literally spent two weeks trying to find the best luggage possible. After so many trips to Ross or T.J. Maxx to replace broken luggage (mid-trip or that barely made it through one trip), the frustration adds up… I am going on a trip to England this Christmas so I set out on a mission to find a set of durable and light weight luggage that would last.

    When buying luggage, the task can be daunting. Do you buy hard-shell or soft-shell luggage? 2 wheels or spinner luggage? Zippered or latching? There is also the size and weight considerations to take into account. Most international flights have very strict standards when it comes to weight and dimensions. For instance, I am flying Norwegian for my upcoming trip and here are their standards (the strictest I’ve found):
    - Carry-on: 10kg (22lbs) – 55 x 40 x 23 cm (21.65 x 15.75 x 9 in)
    - Checked: 20kg (44lbs) – 250 x 79 x 112 cm (8.2 x 2.59 x 3.67 ft) max circumference 300 cm (9.84 ft)

    SIZE: What first appealed to me was the international carry on. For this bag I knew I wanted a spinner. Most small spinner carry-ons are 21”. This one happened to be 19”. A smaller size was important as most manufacturers do not include the wheels in their measurements. As you will see from the pictures, the small carry on is JUST under 21” including the wheels. The exact advertised dimensions are as follows:
    - Carry on dimensions: 19 x 13.75 x 9.75 inches
    - 23 inch dimensions: 23.25 x 17 x 11.5 inches

    WHEELS: I was a little hesitant on a spinner since the bag would be checked. I have heard so many horror stories of the airport baggage handlers wrecking spinner luggage. What sold me on the spinner was the video that they have on their website. It shows them putting this collection through a rigorous stress test (including dropping a packed bag onto the floor and showing how the wheels flex with the frame to avoid them snapping). The wheels also roll over hard and carpeted surfaces silently and with ease. I was very impressed.

    WARRANTY: Even after watching this video, I was not 100% comfortable with the spinner. So I called up Delsey to inquire about their claimed 10 year warranty. Sadly, broken wheels caused by airport damage is not covered under their warranty. However I did ask if the wheels were customer replaceable. They indeed are. The rep explained they were very easy to replace. When I asked how much an extra set would cost, the rep advised she was going to send me (free of charge) an extra set for both pieces that I had just bought on amazon to “ease my concerns”. She stated that she had not yet had any reports of broken wheels on this particular collection, but wanted to make sure I was traveling worry free. This sold me. This is a company that is standing behind their product. I will now have an extra set to pack for a “just in case” moment.

    WEIGHT: Now for the checked back, I knew I needed to find something light. The dimensions are easy to meet, but I didn’t want to risk overweight baggage fees, so I searched for light luggage. Many options were available, but I finally settled on the 2 piece Delsey Dauphine set. My current Swiss 23” checked bag weights around 13lbs. This only leaves me 31lbs to pack for two weeks (yikes). So I was happy to find out that the 23” bag is only 5.3lbs. While I do not believe Norwegian will weigh my carry on at the gate, you never know. The carry-on bag only weighs 3.6lbs. This leaves me just over 18lbs to pack in it.

    As stated in the description, the material is made from durable, water resistant, twisted polyester fabric. I was very impressed when I opened the box to see the product itself. Pictures do not do it justice. In the video from Delsey, they drag this product over a concrete block to demonstrate how forgiving the fabric is. It showed some minor concrete dust (which they wiped off with a wet cloth), but no damage was done to the fabric itself.

    The ONLY downside I had regarding the luggage, was the fact that this is a zipper closed suitcase rather than a latching system. I’m sure many have seen the video showing how easy it is for a thief to break into a locked zippered suitcase with a ball point pen and then seal it back like they were never in there to begin with. The worse thing to happen is spending precious money on good luggage, only to have it broken into at the airport. No system is fool proof. You really are just buying time and making your bag unappealing to try to break into. To get around this one minor problem (which I knew might be an issue when I bought it), I purchased a TSA approved luggage strap for around 12 bucks. You can find it on amazon by searching “FINEX TSA Accepted 3 Dial Combination Heavy Duty Cross Luggage Strap Travel Belt”. This strap wraps around both sides of your luggage and clasps together with a TSA combination lock/key system. The strap seems very thick and durable.

    I liked this set so much, I talked my husband into buying himself a 2nd set as well. I paid full price for this luggage set (and received no discounts). I would recommend this product if you are considering a luggage set. I, like many, rely on the reviews of others when I make a purchase. The carry on had many reviews, but the two piece set did not have any reviews at the time of purchase. I hope this review is helpful to you in making a decision. If it was, I kindly ask you to let me know below. Thanks!

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    5Ultralight spinner luggage set - a Winner!!
    By Mary
    Lightweight. Rolls nicely. Durable. Two position handle is nice. This set was more expensive than any luggage I have ever purchased, but I am a huge fan of ultralight anything, especially something you are toting around with you from A to B. I researched ultralight spinner luggage extensively before purchase and now that I've car traveled once and flown once with the Delsey Carry on (haven't used the 23" yet), I'm very happy with my decision to purchase this set.

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